Saturday, 14 January 2012

Roboscribe puts her love on the line.

Production line

It's coming isn't it. Just as I get to be a writer, the geeks come up with Roboscribe. Just as I got good enough with a glass of wine and a cleaver to be a TV Masterchef, the genre starts to fade. One Foodmeister gets arrested for stealing cheese and wine and another gets kicked out of his job with Sainsbury's. Probably the only thing left is to be the first Romantic novelist in outer space. Come to think of it though, there are already plenty of weightless novels.

This little tirade was brought about by a message in my inbox inviting me to buy some software with which to write and perfect my novel. Wow - now all I'm waiting for is a programme to do the typing and print it out. I was a little worried by the typos in the advertising blurb, but perhaps they did not use their own stuff - or worse, maybe it was wrote by a human bean. I will confess that there is a little devil in me that is tempted to spend my £9.99 ($15) and have a go......should I? I have tried working with Mills and Boon/Harlequin editors so I have walked on that wild side without shame......and publication. How did I know they would not run a book where the female heroine drove a double decker bus? One day a multi billionaire gorgeous Italian guy gets on, brushes her cheek with a wad of erotically scented cash and asks to be swept away. She stops her bus, rummages in her locker for her dustpan and brush and tells him with a knowing wink she is the woman if that's what turns him on....Can you imagine how I felt when I got that rejection letter?

Oh - how terrible it is to be a famous author. This is often the complaint of old school angst and closet writers. Just imagine how ghastly it is to be constantly in touch with your customers! Well, actually NO! As a mere worm in the pantheon of scribbling I love to hear from readers. A couple days ago some folk got in touch and told me they had done a review of my book.  I would like to say thanks with all my heart and to assure the reading world that I just love to chat with them. 

Emma thinx: There's no formula for love. It's chemistry Stupid!


  1. This could cut down on the payments to the neurologist who's treating my carpal tunnel syndrome

  2. That was a fun read. When I looked at the software what hit me was, ah a book in a box. Just add sweat.

  3. Emma, You are more than "a mere worm in the pantheon of scribbling." I just read your book review and it was fabulous! I look forward to adding it to my list soon! Julie


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