Monday 30 January 2012

Kreatures of Kreation

Firstly let me thank Jo VonBargen for nominating me for the Kreativ Blogger Award. At my primary school I was appointed deputy blackboard monitor. Since then few accolades have come my way and I have searched in the desert of broken dreams ever since for that high. Oh - OK - I've been scribbling romance and I'm in double purple 3 glasses of wine on empty stomach mode.  The regulations require that I list 10 things about me that one would not suspect. Oh dear, does this mean that I must submit to a warm bath of ego while my readers sponge my back. Ooooh - here goes then:

1) I play the trombone. Probably this is why I can be a little brassy. It certainly explains my love of Wagner.
2) I am not quite absolutely totally a fully pigmentally challenged natural blonde. 
3) My favourite undergarment is my salmon pink and black lace basque.
4) I have a RYA coastal skippers ticket.
5) I have a Class 1 Heavy Goods (semi-trailer rig) licence in addition to my class 1 bus licence.
6) My ex husband called to say he was marrying a pole-dancer. Turns out she is my age, lives in Poland and loves to tango.
7) I am allergic to cats.
8) In France people think I'm Belgian on account of my accent and love of chocolate.
9) When sensitive English friends visit us in France I have been known to serve rabbit and tell them it is chicken.
10)  My favourite position with my sexy French lover is... on the back of our tandem going downhill.

Gilles bought me my basque by mail order from a lively national company who provide lingerie and all manner of toys. They boast that their products are delivered in plain wrappers by their own couriers. I was at home when the doorbell rang and a large tattooed man handed me  a package. With a wink he explained in a gruff confidential stage whisper - "Ere y'are Sweet heart - here's them naughty knickers." - I was quite shocked.

What a week-end. I've been free on Amazon KDP Select  and Rosina keeps phoning me with updates. In the end I gave up and made leek and potato soup. To me it seemed a bit bland so I added some anchovy paste.....Ummm - well, we ate it.

The weekend stats have all sorts of astonishing aspects. If you are thinking of going for this KDP deal you might be interested. Breakdown of figures by Tuesday I hope.

The second regulation for this award is that I choose a further six Kreativ souls. Here is my list:

1) Claude Nougat - La giornalista piu intelligente in Italia.
2) Jack Durish - historian who is improving my general knowledge
3) Magda Olchawksa - for her informative and varied posts about the Creative Industry.
4) Yvonne Lewis for being the only other person on Earth to admit to loving Carousel and Oklahoma
5) Craig McGinty for This French Life - the best ever resource for news and info for expats in France
6) Julie Kemp for Empty Nest Insider - Intelligent writing about a variety of interesting topics.

Emma thinx: Elation and deflation have poetic relation.


  1. Well deserved, my friend! Naughty knickers...haaaaaa! Love it! Great piece here, good group of nominees as well! Cheers!

  2. I agree with Jo, great piece! And I really enjoy reading you, great fun...that potato and leek soup with anchovy paste? Hum, I tried it once with orange juice and cream (no anchovy of course), and you'd have been surprised how good it was!

    But now you've put it all squarely on my back (and on 5 other backs that'll check out asap): I have to post 10 unusual things about myself - not easy because as you say, talking about oneself is, well, embarrassing...

  3. Congratulations on your well-deserved award, and I'm honored that you're sharing it with me! You put together such an entertaining list conveying that women have the ability to be funny and sexy at the same time. I know I stole that line from somewhere, but it still applies. I'd also like to frame your "intelligent writing" description! Thanks again for thinking of me. Julie

  4. You are wicked, e.g. #9. Love it. And congrats! :)


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