Tuesday 26 July 2011

The Perfumed Garden

I often wonder about punctuation - well should that have been a full stop just then? I think George Orwell decided to no longer use the semi colon, and the BBC have decided to split the infinitive - so there! I did both. But actually, that was not the kind of punctuation I was thinking about because punctuation is what happens in our lives. Just as I was going to bed last night a neighbour arrived with a huge bag of plums! Now this was a full stop. He is a lovely guy with quick cynical blue eyes and a drôle tristesse. "Zay are of course too soon.(big shrug) Zees is ow zee things are now(bigger shrug) - zee summair is in zee Spring and now we ave zee Automne." In reality he speaks only French - but forgive my attempts to flavour up my blog for readers in Zee Engleesh. During the Royal wedding frenzy he was a marvel - "Oh yes - you must be so proud and so 'appy...your prince is marrying a woman for queen and babies - oh yes - she is ow' you say - common but she 'as zee tough breeding fighting beer drinking football genes of zee anglo peeples- yes?" Yes indeed.

Then there are other punctuations. Beauty is a full stop. In my role as inspector of works at Chateau Calin I went out in the warm sun with a café cognac to view the progress on project patio (I know it's hell but if I didn't sacrifice myself someone else would have to stand in). Poor Gilles went off to Bordeaux today on a mission of world control - or grasping a crust if you prefer. I sat on a little bench which we inherited here and I call it Stonehenge. I'll give you a picture tomorrow and gabble on about henges. So there they were - un-asked for and un-requited. I know - Roses are just breeding machines - sex objects - bee raped - defenceless - aged - humiliated and soiled like the rest of us - but a sudden full stop of rose perfume hit me plain in my gabbling gob. A FULL STOP of utter transcendent joy. While I was there a neighbour came by. She pulled the rose delicately to her face and closed her eyes. I watched her - she is not young, but she breathed in the youth of all time. "It is a kiss." I said. "You are a poet." She replied. My life is here - my final punctuated paragraphs will be here.
Emma x

Emma thinx: Put in a full stop of joy. It will shorten your sentence.

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