Monday 4 July 2011

Dem Bones

"Oh yes", my neighbour began, "there are many regulations about the guttering." Now, if this sounds like it's gonna be boring just think how I felt. One can discuss les gouttières between rain here and that can be months. Without boring you with zinc, copper and iron possibilities, let me simplify the regulations into a single expression. "NO PLASTIC" If you have ever lived in neatened gentrified development with plastic cladding and double glazing you will know what everyone is trying to avoid. Dilapidation topped by the crowing cockerel is the ambience of France. This is why people come here! One of the avowed intentions of my little town is to attract tourism. Much work is being undertaken to make us more attractive to visitors.  Cables are being buried, cobbles quainted and façades painted. The town needs the work and without it the place will die. Anyone old enough to recall the cargo cults of post war Pacific will see the sadness and dilemma of it all. Check out cargo cults here. One thing for sure is that the zeal of converts such as I should be ignored.

Part of the cable burying project unearthed many human bones around the church. Just imagine the scene in England. The whole thing would be closed down. The Secretary of State in the department of Bones n' Stones would be interviewed for TV, conservationists would chain themselves to railings and would be politicos would outrage themselves with - well - OUTRAGE. Here, a guy dabs away with a brush while diggers and pile drivers carry on. I saunter up and ask about the bones. "It is a mother and child - probably from the Fourteen Hundreds". Explains an obviously experienced, competent and worryingly brainy university guy. I opine that they will have to stop while matters are catalogued and analysed. "I have the rest of the day - then the cables come in." He replied. The reconstruction of the past needs a very modern present.

I'm worried about the lizard in my drainpipe. I haven't seen him for days. I thought we were friends.Do you think he's blocked me on lizard-book?

Emma thinx: All time, all history led to you in this moment.

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