Tuesday 3 June 2014

Bargain Books. Words Are Cheap.

Who am I? What is this Amazon thing?
I have the honour to write features for a "lifestyle" magazine. Recently the editor edged me into a side room. She confided that the trouble with my writing was that I used words. What people actually wanted was more pictures. In a forced outdoor flash I knew where I had been going wrong. For too long I had been trying to walkie-talkie the ball into the net. It was a Eureka moment almost equal to yesterday when David Beckham met an Amazonian Indian who had never heard of him. Dave - chill! No one at Amazon has ever heard of me and I've been lost in their jungle for years. 
It's politics - it's our National Y Front.

Okay - here is the deal. I'm having a big push to sell some books. This blog has nothing at all to do with David Beckham. If you read this Dave, get in touch for free copies of all my books. We Londoners need to stick together. After all, I've always cheered every swerve of your balls.

My own missions along the Amazon have brought little success. These days I have branched out onto all manner of tributaries. It's great to see that Dave is getting away from football and doing the same thing.

99c/77p/€0,94 for sexy romance novel SHANNON'S LAW this week only...

Emma Thinx: A word is worth a thousand pictures. It's your mind.

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