Wednesday 17 August 2011


Things are just so prolific here. I took a stroll through the allotments to check out the harvest. Pumpkins and tomatoes swell with joyful fertility. Peach and apple trees ache with fruit like filled breasts needing the suck of hunger and dependency. Nature here is swollen with it's summer of passion, giving itself up selflessly, proclaiming its spilling lust and asking to be taken - NOW! It's just so bloody sexy - but of course, that is what the whole show is all about. I've never really been a gardener - but is that the key? Did all those Capability Brown types feel the great undercurrent of sex in the shrubbery. All those manicured posh house gardens always kinda remind me of supermodels with waxed hollywood punanis. I must say I do love the word punani. I think it comes from an Indian laguage. I first heard it on the lips of Ali G (Sacha Baron Cohen). I kinda love this guy - he is so outrageous. His movie "Bruno" had me laughing to a point of pain. If he's reading this - please do a gardening movie.

Talking of punani put the great problem of panini into my head. A while ago during my big posho push I got into the operas of Mozart and decided to learn Italian. The French had driven off my husband but luckily I was with a Scotland Yard detective who tolerated my pretensions. At that time I was working in Central London and all manner of Italiano Eateroni were springing up. I used to saunter in and quip my order in over the top "ooh- just listen to my accent" passionato Italiano. Nobody noticed - well they were all city morons.(I could see they were ruining the world) . One day it occurred to me that I could not buy a panini. I could buy a panino because panini must be the plural. I wanted to ask in perfect Italian and even rehearsed the question........Anyone help?

A mere 32 degrees today so I got my bike out and cycled to St. Jean d'Angely. There were mobs of Team Top Lycra loins in the boating lake by the park. I think a couple of them called out at me as I whizzed past. Ooh - I must walk past a few more building sites. Oh No - the correctoid police will be out gain!

Emma thinx: You yourself are a fruit. Be generous.

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