Thursday 9 June 2011

Home for tea
Oh dear - gonna have to go back to UK for about a week. The guys at Gallo-Romano Media want to do some audio stuff and video trailers for Knockout and my new book. It's at that stage where I feel like a marsupial momma. There's this little live thing peeking out of my pouch. Oh world, I'm not ready yet - please be kind.

I like to write early although I do need lots of Yorkshire Gold tea and often the Gallic hot baguette before I get going.(Now then -that's fusion for thee in't it lass). Then I do my blog which I really enjoy because it allows me to just chat. Book characters have to be disciplined and follow some kinda plot. I can't write onto a a keyboard - If I do, the work looks finished and of course every line needs a bit of polish. It means I am slow and several novels have gone straight in the bin. At least they will have been recycled into toilet paper. I've probably bought back a few chapters at the hypermarché.....but at least it's a sale!

Of course I like to read Romance, particularly in styles that I simply could not do. That way I'm not gonna steal anything. Today I'm reading "Fantasy Lover" by Sherrilyn Kenyon on my Kindle. I'm halfway through a Greek love slave. No baguettes or stuffed olives so far but it looks like he knows a few tricks with flour and anchovies. This has had good reviews on Amazon. Should I review it? What the hell do I know anyway? AND SHE MIGHT BITE.

So, let's look up the Brittany Ferries web site and choose some clothes. I've sorta hippied out in France and the Anglo Saxons are hardcore big biz. I'll stock up with Yorkshire Gold anyway.

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